GUI todo.txt

This is my Windows GUI version of todo.txt.

As you see I could use some help with the graphic elements. It is not as pretty as I would like.

Installation instructions:
This is a simple portable application. Simply download and execute the todo.exe application.
During the first run it will look for a todo.ini file in the same folder as the app. If it does not find one it will be created with default settings. If the todo.txt file is not found in the same folder as the application an empty one will be created for you.

Functions that are missing as compared to the todo.txt  touch Android app:
I loosely based this on the Android user interface this comparison is based on that app.
Search is missing in the GUI. I don’t miss it. Still on my list to add.

Function that I added:
Backup – The GUI will create a backup of the todo.txt file when it starts up. This can be turned off in the options.

Functions I would like to add:
Location of the todo.txt file in the INI file
Colors section in the INI file
More archiving options, by project, older than xx/xx/xxxx
Dropbox support – Since I am a todo.txt touch for android user this would be real nice.
Better main display of task list – colors etc…
Sort by task creation date
Reporting window in the GUI
Add some DUE: date functions

Download here: todo.txt GUI (1550) Version 0.1

Licensed under the GNU General Public License

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